Serial 2: The Reinhart Papers

Season 1: A Fall of Hammers

"Nazis. I hate these guys." -- Indiana Jones



  • Date: November 11, 2011
  • Time: 9:15 a.m. EST
  • Location: TechCal Building, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Country: United States of America
  • Music: A subdued techno track that builds towards a crescendo as your virtual eye descends from orbit toward the TechCal building, through its myriad halls, and finally to a conference room.
  • Real World Start Date: November 4, 2004

Scene 1: The Briefing

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At the dawn of the Net Age, the offices of TechCal were filled with unshaved geeks who spent all most as much time playing PS2, downloading MP3s, and playing Unreal Tournament as they did coding for clients. Given that they would code for 12 hours at a stretch, and only a few hours a day sleeping, it seemed fair.

Those days are a decade dead however, and today's TechCal is a cold, sterile corporate environment. Where messengers once rollerbladed down halls filled with hundreds of employees, now only a few dozen people move quietly, efficiently -- and some what forlornly -- through the halls. And yet, just as the Mountain Dew swilling, grunge-listening geeks of the 1990s camouflaged a relentless work ethic and sense of adventurism among TechCal's employees, so do the current tie-wearing, 9-5 corporate zombies conceal a far more interesting occupation.

You sit in a conference room, one that looks like the same, stale white/grey/offwhite colored space you'd find in a hundred corporate meeting rooms. Dry erase boards hang at either end of the room, and the only thing close to a decoration is a large poster of a rowing team pulling hard against some unnamed body of water, with the caption "Teamwork Makes It Happen!"

Around you sits the five members of newly-formed Special Operations Team #9, people who you have seen in passing around the complex over the years, and occasionally collaborated with on missions, but don't know on a personal level. Not that you don't know the details of their personal life. Thanks to the dossiers give to you the night before, you know the vital statistics and life history of every person before you. Everyone but one.

A sixth man sits at the head of the table. He's dressed in a perfectly-tailored three-piece suit the color of gathering storm clouds. His black-gray hair -- on someone else, you'd call it "peppered gray", but you get the feeling to do so here would to land you an assignment counting caribou in Alaska -- is cropped short, and small, silver-rimmed classes focus his gaze on your group.

He's not the only one wearing glasses of course -- everyone has them on, and in donning them, gained insight into the secret soul of the TechCal building. The moment you looked through your own glasses, the soul-dampeningly drab interior was replaced with a cascade of digital images. The center of your field of view remains clear, but the periphery is filled with a constantly-updated flow of database related to your mission. By glancing at them, you can bring them front and center, allowing you to focus on their particular digital stream.

You don't do that now though, because your attention is riveted on the stern, forbidding man at the head of the table. You know his name, but even if you didn't, a readout on the glasses would have told you: Jason Verrick, Senior Handler. Formerly of the CIA, and one of CIG's most loyal employees, having join up a mere two years after the agencies creation.

The man speaks, and everyone listens.

"Greetings gentlemen. I am pleased to see that all of you managed to arrive here on time. I will skip the introductions; I know who you are, you know who I am, and time is short."

"We have a domestic situation developing, and it appears to be unfolding right here in Philadelphia."

"Intelligence assets within the American and international neo-Nazi movements have been picking up an increased amount of chatter regarding the recent discovery of a cache of papers belonging to Herr Albert Reinhart. These papers were among the private collection Nazi paraphernalia owned by Mr. Eric Westman of Baltimore, Md., a philanthropist obsessed with documenting every aspect of the Holocaust. Upon his death, his papers were willed to the Heisman Institute for Holocaust Studies here in Philadelphia."

Heisman Institute for Holocaust Studies
Location: Philadelphia, Pa.
Employees: 221
Facility: 4-story private building
Facility Security Rating: 6/10
Endowment: $56 million
Connections: Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Holocaust Museum of Washington, D.C., Holocaust Museum of Berlin, Germany

"Reinhart was one of the Nazi's uber-scientists, a physicist obsessed with the effects of certain high-energy particulars upon human bodies, preferable ones that were still alive. Based on our files from that time he was a minor Nazi monster, but still notable. He committed suicide when Berlin fell, and some how his papers escaped being collected during Operation Paperclip."

"A week ago, the Institute released a press release announcing the discovery of the Reinhart Papers, and their hope that they would shed new light on the horrific scientific experiments conducted by the Nazis."

"Since that press release went out -- and was picked up in several major media nexuses -- we have seen a significant spike in the amount of neo-Nazi cross-talk. Based on this and intelligence gathered by intelligence assets, we believe that one of the neo-Nazi groups is going to try and steal these documents."

"The name of this group is the `Bruderschaft der Stange' or `Brotherhood of the Spear'."

Name: Bruderschaft der Stange
Alt Name: Brotherhood of the Spear
Reach: America, Europe
Estimated Personnel: 100+
Member Loyalty: Excellent
Technological Sophistication: Very Good
Infiltration Possibility: Difficult
Wealth: $25 million+
Allegiances: Numerous small neo-Nazi groups and motorcycle gangs throughout the U.S., neo-Nazi groups in Europe, suspected connection to Islamic terror cells in the Middle East and elsewhere

"This is a rising neo-Nazi group that has recently consolidated their hold over several major Nazi groups in both the U.S. and Europe after a series of brutal executions and gunfights. They apparently believe that the key to the eventual return of the Reich is the collection of certain `mystical' artifacts associated with Hilter and the original Nazis. In the past, they have been connected with the theft of Nazi paraphernalia -- flags, guns, gold -- on display in a Nuremburg museum, as well as specific items -- ceremonial swords, uniforms, etc. -- that belonged to the Nazi elite. This is the first time they've ever gone after something as abstract as a collection of papers. And we don't know why."

"The leader of the organization is believed to be Audric Baxter, a former Army Ranger honorably discharged in 2001 after 15 years of service. He spent much of his tour in Germany, where it's believed he came in contact with the underground neo-Nazi movements there.

Audric Baxter
Age: 43
Current Residence: Unknown
Appearance: Caucasian, brown hair, brown eyes, 6'2", 210 lbs.,
Education: Political Science, B.A. (Tennessee State University) Military Experience: U.S. Army Rangers, 15 years (honorably discharged 2001)
Civilian Experience: Security contractor until six years ago.

It is unlikely you will encounter him however. Instead, expect to meet one of his henchmen, Steven Krane, an experience wheelman who's often used for covert fieldwork assignments like this. He will probably be employing a team of `soldiers' skilled in infiltration."

Steven Krane
Age: 28
Current Residence: Unknown
Appearance: Caucasian, blond hair, blue eyes, 5'11", 185 lbs., Education: High School Drop Out (John F. Kennedy High School, Bound Brook, N.J.)
Military Experience: None.
Civilian Experience: Former NASCAR racer with star potential; tossed off professional circuit in 2007 when his views became public knowledge.

"Your mission is to infiltrate the Institute, scan the documents in question, and replace them with forgeries that you will then allow the Brotherhood to steal the forged documents. You will then tag them or their vehicles with GPS tracking devices which will allow us to follow them back to their current base of operations. If you are discovered by the Brotherhood, engage them, but take as many alive as possible for questioning."

"If the Brotherhood gets to the papers first, you are to intercept them and recover the papers. And again, capture as many of them as possible for questioning."

"The papers are stored in a research vault on the second basement sublevel of the Institute. A woman, Dr. Andrea Boundless, historian and expert cryptographer, is presently charged with reviewing the documents. She is a freelancer, brought in because of her experience with cryptic mathematical formulas. She is not to be made aware of the Brotherhood's intentions unless absolutely necessary."

Dr. Andrea Boundless
Age: 34
Current Residence: Cambridge, Mass.
Appearance: Caucasian, blonde hair, green eyes, 5'8", 126 lbs.
Education: History, B.A. & Mathematics, B.S. (Harvard), European History M.A. (Harvard), Cryptography M.S. (MIT), Doctorate: Cryptography Ph.D. (MIT)

"The agency has flagged this mission Code: Yellow. You will be provided with a document forging device, which your new tech support liaison, Agent Isaac Stanley, will be briefing you on shortly. He will also explain the GPS trackers he wants you to deploy."

"I leave it to you to decide how you will go about swapping the documents in question."

"Any questions?"

The Agents Speculate

Beaumont sits straight-backed, hands folded neatly on the table in front of him. He speaks firmly, professionally, in carefully moderated tones. "There are multiple ways we can play this," he begins.

"Depending upon the security of the Institute, we could take the B&E approach, get in and out after they've closed. Alternately, we could go in during broad daylight and get what we need. We could play that broad or subtle. Broad would be to evacuate the building for a gas leak, bomb threat or hazmat incident, all of which would provide us excuses for masks but would be dangerously high profile. Subtle would be pose as some authority looking to interview Boundless for some unrelated reason -- a consult about past work she's done, maybe, or to offer her a job on another project -- and have someone make the grab while she's distracted. That presents human factor risks, not knowing how she'll react to an interruption in her work day, and not knowing if her coworkers or security personnel might be around.

"If we had time, I'd say we should make the attempt to cultivate Boundless as an asset. Her knowledge of the documents could be invaluable in determining what the Brotherhood's aims are. We still may need to consider that as an option at a later date.

"Do we have any blueprints for the Institute building and the grounds, or and data on their security systems?"

Verrick responds: "Blue prints are available. Preliminary field surveillence indictates security cameras in the parking lot as well as well as several mounted around the building. There are also two cameras mounted in the welcome area. These are rudimentary "pan and scan" cameras monitored; their make and model indicates they are probably supported by two security guards working a station within the complex. Two cameras are also mounted inside the building's welcome area."

"The building has a rudimentary security system protecting the entrances and windows. Nothing above civilian grade. Estimates indicate there are perhaps 5-6 guards patrolling the facility during the day; and 3-4 at night, in addition to those working the desk. The facility has had some problems with anti-Semetic threats over the years, and has beefed up their security as a result."

"Copies of vendor records for the Institute indicate that the document vault in the sub-basement is a climate-controlled area with an external electronic combination lock. There is also a motion-sensor system set-up in the entrance room to the vault (where the lock resides) that alerts the guards whenever someone enters that area."

Michael Leone sits up, having sat back to think.

"Since we need to replace the current ones with forgeries, we're talking a double entry. First, to make copies so that duplicates can be made. Second, to replace the authentic documents with the forgeries."

I feel a sublte approach to get someone in to make copies, possibly a research assistant or another researcher who is interested at looking at the documents, along with getting someone inside to get us a current layout of the Institute. Blueprints would be on file with the City Recorder's office, but they do not always show new changes to the interior of buildings.

"Having Dr. Boundless as a resource would be a very good idea, I'm surprised with her credentials she isn't already working for NSA."

Verrick responds quickly, saying "Two insertions will not be necessary. While such steps might need to have been taken in the past, we live in more technologically advanced times. Agent Stanley has developed a device that allows us to scan and immediately produce high-quality forgeries of the documents in question. He will brief you more fully on the device after our discussion here has concluded."

"As for Dr. Boundless' recruitability, Dr. Boundless seems to have been steadfast in her dedication to avoiding government entanglements, including potentially lucrative freelance consulting assignments for the CIA. The reasons for this aversion are not known -- an investigation was conducted, but all that the FBI was able to determine is that she simply wants to avoid the redtape. In fact, she went so far as to not get a driver's license, apparently just to avoid waiting in line at the DMV. Naturally, such extreme aversion to bureacracy raised certain flags -- there is such a thing as keeping too low of a profile -- but she seems sincere. Her income is within acceptable limits for her profession, and she has not made any unsavory contacts that we are aware of."

After hearing from Agents Loop and Ranger, Apex shakes his head and chimes in after the first two agents finish.

"I'd avoid the flashy approach. A bomb threat or gas scare in the building, just days before these Brotherhood jokers plan on stealing the moldy old Nazi research? Just too fishy. Our mission is to get them to take the fake papers, not scare them away.

"If we're going to play the researcher angle, maybe we can even get Boundless to email us pics of the research papers. That way we only need to do one entry op to plant the false papers."

"Approaching the Doc for recruitment does sounds like a good idea, but I'd rather the psych boys give her file a once-over before hand to see whether they think she's a good candidate. Anyway, if we are going to recruit her, let's do it after the Brotherhood steals the false papers. Otherwise, approaching her would be a risk to the objective. Anybody got any gum?"

Padre comments on the situation by saying: " After considering both the presented objective for this mission, and the commments voiced by you my fellows, I think that perhaps the sneaky, dead watches of the night approach would be best for this sort of thing.

He continues: "If we sneak in all B&E style, as was suggested, we avoid involving innocents, and can sneak in once, bringing our equiptment, scan the docs, and leave the forgeries all in one fell swoop. Also, The Brotherhood is likely planning a very similar stunt, and if we should encounter them, it let's us set the place and time, again allowing for smallest risk to others. If all goes well, we get in, make the switch, then tail the Ratzis after they get the the forgeries. Worst case, we enounter them directly, and well, that leads to the second part of the mission directive, when we go into capture mode and take hostages to question about their organization. Approuching the situation this was leaves out direct contact with Boundless, distancing her from any possible involvement with our effort should things get FUBARed and some sort of coverup become necessary.

Keith leans in, arms folded on the table.

"I'm in agreement with Padre. After-hours stealth is the best way to go. The more complicated we make things, the more bystanders we involve, can only work to the Brotherhood's advantage. We just have to be careful not to make so much noise in the attempt that we scare the Brotherhood away."

After contemplating the security system outlined by Verrick, Padre responds: "Well, if the documents are in a sub-basement, and our info indicates that the majority of security is abovegroud, with just the lock and the motion detector outside the main vault area, perhaps we could tunnel in, from nearby sewer or subway tunnels maybe. If we could tunnel into the vault itself, we'd bypass all the secuirty they seem to have."

Apex considers this, then says "Whatever method we choose, we need to focus on the fact that no one must know or even suspect that we were there."

"If we're going to do a sneak & peek, then why not focus on the blueprints? We should be able to fiddle the security at a back door, shipping entrance, whatever. Anywhere other than the main entrance -- gain entry that way.

"Once in the building, hopefully we can exploit the building design -- ventillation, elevator shafts, something -- to get into the basement and eventually the vault.

Verrick gives you all a authoritative nod. "The blue prints will be available at the end of this meeting." He pauses, and then says, "I will now turn you over to Agent Stanley, who will review your equipment for this mission."

Enter Stanley

A prim-looking indivudal enters the room. He's wearing three piece, tan suit, a red bowtie, and wire-frame glasses with ciruclar lenses. He glances around the room, and when he catches a glimpse of Apex, a scowl crosses his face. "$120,000 in damages because of 'equipment failure'" he mutters and then whispers "As though that model was ever configured for aquatic manueveringg. Can't be expected to read the user manual, no, no, never that..."

Verrick coughs politely and Stanely breaks off his whispered rant. He blinks slowly twice, and then draws his hands from his pockets and makes a few arcane gestures. The view on your glasses changes, and a schematic appears showing something like a fax machine crossbred with a chemistry set.

"This is the RXPS-1002, a prototype field forgery unit. It uses a specialized scanner to first produce an image of the document in question, and then to provide a spectographic analysis. The unit is then able to use its on-board chemicals to replicate the document in question. It can produce up to 100 pages of documents before it requires recharging. This is a prototype, but it has worked perfectly in labratory testing and limited field tests, and I have the utmost confidence in its capabilities. There is, of course, extensive documenation, and I expect that you will read it and return this piece of equipment in pristine condition."

(GC Note: This device uses the "Electronics" or "Forgery" skills. If you have 5 or more ranks in either skill, you gain a synergy bonus when using it. You can gain an additional +2 modifer by reading the documentation, but that takes 1 day, and requires an Education check DC 25. (An Education check is d20 + Agent Level + Int; you can ask to suggest a tech-related skill, if you have it). And no, you can't take 20 on it. :)

"As for the GPS trackers, these field discs -- " he brings up an image of several small, wafer-thin discs, " -- can be simply attached to any attached to any object. When placed, and activated by depressing this center area, the disc will molecularly bound with the object in question, instantly adhering. It will also turn translucent in the process, and will have a raised profile of only 1 millimeter."

"Questions? I know that you have questions. Agents always have questions. Can't take the time to read the documentation, no, no, that would be too much effort ..."

Apex leans over to Padre when Stanley begins his presentation. "Hey, you build something that handles like a boat, someone's eventually going to try and see if it floats, huh?" He winks and smiles, but with a scathing look from Stanley, Apex looks embarrased and sits up straighter, folding his hands on the table in front of him.

"Just how portable is this faximacallit, Stan? Like, how many people does it take to carry it and stuff?"

Stanley narrows his eyes and glares at Apex. Clinching his teeth, he says "It's designation is the RXPS-1002 Field Forgery Unit. Not 'faximacallit'. It weighs 15 lbs., and is can be carried by one individual. It is deployed inside a shock-resistent briefcase."

As Apex's eyes light up, he quickly adds "... and by shock resistent, I mean typical shocks, such as a drop from 2-3 feet onto concrete. Not being thrown from the 40th floor of an office building. Not being used as any sort of improvised body armor. And certainly not being used in place brakes during 120 mph chases." He says the last with a pronounced growl.

"It is not rated for submersion, nor can it be used for 'snow boarding' or any other any other uncertified activity. Are we clear on that Agent Apex?"

Ranger chuckles, "Ahh... how about a shock resistant back pack...Much easier to carry on the back while hauling "other" items around..." He looks over to Apex and smirks

Stanley scowls at this, and you can see him mentally adding you to some list of disreputable agents who associate with those who don't properly respect and handle equipment.

"As I'm sure you are away Agent Ranger, the comment period for the RXPS-1002 ended three months ago. That was the time to make suggestions about such things as deployal protocal, not mere hours before the start of the mission. If you would like to fill out Form XEV-2211A upon your return, your comments will be included in the field report documentation and included for possible consideration before the prototype equipment specs are finalized."

Ranger leans forward, placing his elbows on the table looking at Stanely, "Kind of hard to send a memo when you're in the middle of Azerbaijan..."-- starts to sit back --" oh and a 40 page memo on possible new equipment doesn't help either..."

Stanley glowers at you, a potential retort barely held back by an intense professionalism. Before he can say anything though, Apex says:

"Crystal, Stan. Swimming and snow boarding to be kept to a minimum if possible - gotcha." He points at Stanley with both index fingers, thumbs up, and clucks his tongue."

Stanley greets with with a skeptical look, and looks as though he's about to launch into a lecture. "That will be enough," Verrick says. "Any questions, contact Stanley outside of the meeting." Stanley gives him a surprised glance that turns to scorn, as if once again, the whole world is turning against him, and then storms out of the room.

"So what's our next step here, folks? Signing out our personal op-tech? Does anyone else here drive? 'Cause otherwise we're gonna have to take a dumb van again, and vans are so... vanny." He pops his gum.

Beaumont looks at Ranger, rolls his eyes up toward the ceiling, and shakes his head. "This promises to be different," he mutters under his breath.

At this, Ranger looks over to Beaumont and snickers.

Keith glances over at Apex. "Well, I'd imagine most of us have basic driving skills -- I can't see all of us being taxi, bus, and subway people. But if we need someone to get a burning vehicle across a crumbling bridge over a piranha-filled acid lake, in pursuit of a madman firing rockets back at us, all while slamming a Dew - well, I think you're the only one fit for the job.

"Which, I think, means we're all together. Not necessarily a bad thing - prevents any last-minute taco runs. Besides, there's nothing wrong with vans. I like vans. I've been living in vans for years. Vans are my natural environment. I'm fine with the 'vanniest' van we can find.

"And, while we're on the subject...maybe I should be in charge of holding onto the Field Forger..."

Raising his hands in mock despair, Apex pleads "See - that's what I'm talking about. If I had to do all that in a van, I'd probably have to sit down my Dew and drive with both hands!" He winks at Agent Dillon, smiling.

"They give you a carte blanche License to Drive and what do they issue you? A van. There's no justice in this world." With a fake pout, he grumbles under his breath, "I'll bet the Sovs get Lotuses..."


Verrick makes a show of looking at his watch, despite the fact that all of you have the present time ticking away in one corner of your heads up display. He motions wiht his hand, and blue prints of the institute's facilities suddenly fill your vision.

"As promised, here are the plans. I will leave you to consider them, and to plan out the details of your operation. I will be on site the rest of the afternoon if you have additional questions; equipment requests can be made to Agent Stanley. Regarding questions, however -- please contemplate them carefully, and bother me only once; I have a great many things that need to be done today, and hand-holding agents is not one of them."

As Verrick leaves, Agent Birdie speaks up and says "Hmm...basics first. Ventillation shafts - spies like those. And, er, security cameras! Does the place have them?"

Apex motions with his hands, and security statistics appear on the shared virtual view space floating within the agents' glasses. "Here's the stats Verrik gave us outlining the security widgets the Institute has in place."

"We've got do deal with external security cameras, all of which pan. Perhaps we can simply avoid them with careful timing. Do we know if there's a back entrance so we can avoid the guards and cameras in the welcome area? Maybe a shipping dock - those usually have a man door beside the big garage door.

"Alternately, we could land on the roof in a chopper with a whisper mode and enter through a roof entrance or rappel down to a window. Is there room to land on the roof?

"The security system on the building entrances should be a joke for you sneaky types, so no problem there. Now, there are 3-4 patrolling guards, so we've got to avoid them so no one knows we were there. Perhaps tranq guns with dissolving darts in case of an emergency encounter?

"Electronic lock on the vault, and a motion sensor in the lock area. How do we foil the motion sensor? If it's a garden-variety unit, slow careful movement shouldn't set it off. Any intel on how sensitive it is?

"One last thing - I think we have to consider the fact that Boundless may be working for the bad guys. We should avoid contact with her, and no traces as to our presence in her workspace must be left behind. She seems to be a fastitious type, so we don't want one of her carefully-arranged piles of paper bumped out of line."

The speedster agent continues by saying: "As far as routes go, I'm thinking elevator shaft. We've got to get to the basement, right? If we move the elevator itself, we'll be making blinky lights flash on a security station somewhere. So, we jigger the elevator door of a car that's not on the 1st floor, and ninja down the cables with one of Stan's clippy-wooshy things into the basement."

After much debate, the team zeroes in on a rooftop assault, requisitioning a silenced helicopter -- jokingly code named "Blue Thunder" -- to move them into position. They then decide on repelling down, and quickly sneaking in via roof entrance.

Scene 2: Gearing Up

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Mission Equipment (59 bp): Silencer (1 bp), Dart Gun (7 bp) (Dmg: 1d4/special, Error: 1-2, Threat: N/A, Range Increment: 15 ft. Weight: 4 lb. 6 darts (18 bp) (knockout, DC 12, Initial Damage: 1d6 Dex, Secondary Damage: Unconscious (stable), Flash/Bang Grenade x2 (30 bp) (Total BP: 55)

Mission Gadgets (3 gp): Silencer-modified pistol (1 gp) Danger Sensor (2 gp) +2 bonus to all checks to avoid surprise while wearing the device


Personal Equipment (46 bp): Military "sea-bag" (to store bundle); 1 set average clothes, 1 set trendy clothes, assorted street and topographical maps, cell phone, crowbar, professional grade digital camera (+2 professional-grade memory chips), duct tape, super-glue and rubber bands, first aid kit, mechanics kit, multi-purpose tool, 20 disposable plastic restraints, pocket digital assistant, 2 tactical radios (25 bp); .40 S&W (15 bp); 50 military ball bullets (1 bp) helmet, motorcycle (5 bp) (Total: 45 bp)

Mission Gear (14 bp): Dart Gun (7 bp) (Dmg: 1d4/special, Error: 1-2, Threat: N/A, Range Increment: 15 ft. Weight: 4 lb. 2 darts (6 bp) (knockout, DC 12, Initial Damage: 1d6 Dex, Secondary Damage: Unconscious (stable) (Total: 13 bp)

Mission Gadgets (2/4 gb): Sports Car (4 gp)


Personal Budgets (44 bp): Military "sea-bag" (to store bundle); 1 set average clothes, 1 set trendy clothes, assorted street and topographical maps, cell phone, crowbar, professional grade digital camera (+2 professional-grade memory chips), duct tape, super-glue and rubber bands, first aid kit, lock picking kit, multi-purpose tool, 20 disposable plastic restraints, pocket digital assistant, 2 tactical radios (25 bp); Electronics Kit (5 bp), 9x9mm (13 bp), 50 military ball bullets (1 bp) (Total: 44 bp)

Mission Budget (27 bp): Dart Gun (7 bp) (Dmg: 1d4/special, Error: 1-2, Threat: N/A, Range Increment: 15 ft. Weight: 4 lb. 3 darts (9 bp) (knockout, DC 12, Initial Damage: 1d6 Dex, Secondary Damage: Unconscious (stable); Upgraded Laptop (Power +1) (11 bp); (Total: 27 bp)

Gear Budget (3 gp) :Danger Sensor (2 gp) +2 bonus to all checks to avoid surprise while wearing the device, Taser cufflinks (1 gp)


Personal Budget Points (51 bp), H&K SOCOM – 24 Points(MAG), H&K MP5SD – 15 points(SEH) 9mm FMJ Ammo – 9 points (6 – 30 Rnd Clips/180) (MP5), .45 ACP subsonic (SOCOM) – 2 Points (8 – 12 rnd Clips/96)

Mission Budget Points (27 bp), Climbing Kit – 3 pts, Demo Kit – 10 pts, Night Vision goggles – 8 points, Tactical radio - 5 points, Black clothes – 1 points

Gadget Points (3 gp), Standard Watch with explosives and rotary saw


Personal Budget (59 bp): Bundle B (25 bp), Service Pistol w/15 round magazine (M1911A1) (23 bp),MB Ammo (2 50 round boxes) (2 bp), Laser sight for pistol (2 bp), Silencer for pistol (2 bp), Evidence kit (2 bp), Binoculars (1 bp), Entrenching tool (1 bp), magnetic compass (1 bp)

Mission budget (34 bp): CAWS shotgun (29 bp), Slugs, 20 (1 bp), Beanbag slugs, 20 (2bp), Snoop Spray (2 bp)

Mission Gadgets (4 gp): Danger Sensor (2 gp), Standard shoes with suction quality (2 gp)

Those Wonderful Toys

  • Yahoo Group Rounds: 13

The team was assigned the following gadgets and equipment specifically for this mission:

The Drone

The CIG team has been assigned two "dragonfly" drones, with the following statistics and capabilities:

GP 2, Size: Fine, Occupancy: 0, Handling +1, Spd. 150 ft./round, MPH: 15/30, Defense: 19, Wound Points: 1, Hardness: 0 Qualities: CLK (+1)

Description: This 'micro drone' is only 2-3 inches long, able to drift on the breeze or maneuver with slight movements of its plastic wings. While almost impossible to spot at a distance of more than 10 ft. (gaining a +20 gear bonus to Hide checks when not in motion) this drone is both fragile and easily jammed. (Stats and description from the Fixer/Pointman Class Book)

Apex flies this using his Piloting skills. He gains a +1 to his check because of the drone's handling bonus. "CLK" stands for "control link" and only comes into play when someone tries to assume control of it. It is easily small enough to navigate the Founation's ventilation system, but it has no tools for opening grates & such.

The drone is controlled through a wrist-mounded touch pad that Apex will wear during the mission.

The Car

Apex, being Apex, just had to requisition a car. Specifically, he got a sports car with the following stats (this is a generic description; I'm sure Lance can improve upon this with specifics about make and model that match the capabilities). The car is being held off site by an Agency operative; if needed you can radio for it, and the car will be brought around.

Sports Car, GP 4, Size: Large, Handling +5, Speed: 800 ft/round, MPH: 80/160, Defense: 14, Wound Points: 70, Hardness: 3 (Stats from the SEG)

The Helicopter

This chopper comes with a pilot, though naturally Apex can take over if needed. It is a "generic" helicopter (per the SEG) but is "silenced" and effectively unnoticedable by casual observers.

GP 9, Size: Large, Handling: +5, Speed: 1000 ft/round, MHP: 100/200 Defense: 14, Wound Points: 75, Hardness: 5, Special: Whisper Mode (DC 15 to hear helicopter); Weapons: None

The RXPS-1002 (aka "The Black Box Copier")

The "Black Box Copier" looks like a fat flatbed scanner, and contains a top compartment where the notebook is placed for scanning/copying, and a bottom compartment where the duplicate appears. The RXPS-1002 can produce up to 100 pages of documents before it requires recharging.

This device uses the "Electronics" or "Forgery" skills. The DC to make a forgery is 15. If you have 5 or more ranks in either skill, you gain a synergy bonus when using it. You can gain an additional +2 modifer by reading the documentation, but that takes 1 day, and requires an Education check DC 25. (An Education check is d20 + Agent Level + Int; you can ask to suggest a tech-related skill, if you have it). And no, you can't take 20 on it. :)

GPS Trackers

6 disc trackers: They must be physically placed on the object in question. When placed, and activated by depressing this center area, the disc will molecularly bound with the object in question, instantly adhering. It will also turn translucent in the process, and will have a raised profile of only 1 millimeter. One of these trackers should be placed on the finished forgery of the notebook; another should be placed on the Brotherhood's vehicle (if possible).

The Dart Guns

These dart guns must be requisitioned by individual team members; I'm including them here for Jon and Mike in case they wanted them.

Dart Gun (7 bp) (Dmg: 1d4/special, Error: 1-2, Threat: N/A, Range Increment: 15 ft. Weight: 4 lb. 3 darts (9 bp) (knockout, DC 12, Initial Damage: Unconscious (stable) Secondary Damage: 1d6 Dex (modified from the SEG)

Scene 4: The Heisman Institute Infiltration

  • Yahoo Group Rounds: 14

"Blue Thunder" whispers softly away into the half-darkness of the Philadelphia night, leaving the agents of Special Operations Team #9 lurking in the rooftop shadows of the Heisman Institute.

The rooftop's sole entrance and exit -- a doorway that clearly leads to an internal staircase -- is watched by a security camera, and is protected by a 15'-diameter pool of light. The camera -- mounted over the door -- slowly revolves around the roof top, seeing perhaps 85 percent of it while completing its orbit.

The portions it can't see -- such as where Team #9 is presently taking cover -- are behind ventilation shafts, air conditioning units, and other portions of the building's HVAC equipment. Access to the ventilation shafts -- which are about 12"x6" in diameter -- are easily accessible from the team's location without drawing the attention of the camera or its watchers. The camera's rotation provides a quick agent with about a 30-second window to get close to it unseen.