"Governments change. The lies stay the same." -- James Bond, GoldenEye


Friendly Organizations

Covert Intelligence Group

The Covert Intelligence Group is a secretive American intelligence organization charged with countering unconventional threats to the security of the United States. CIG is a black-ops organization, covertly funded by the U.S. government and reporting directly to the Secretary of Homeland Security. It is also the home agency for the Prometheus team. Read the full write-up.


TechCal is a private corporation specializing in producing calendaring and scheduling software for corporate and non-profit Web sites. It's also a front company for CIG, and its Philadelphia-based headquarters is also home to the ageny's subterrean home base. Read the full write-up.

Villanous Organizations

The Brotherhood of the Spear

A fanatical, neo-Nazi organization which believes the key to the eventual return of the Reich is the collection of artifacts associated with Adolf Hitler and the original Nazis. They are the first threat that the members of the Prometheus team will be facing.