"The future is not set. There is no fate except what we make for ourselves -- Reese, Terminator

"Helping the Future Arrive On Time"-- TechCal company slogan


TechCal is a private corporation specializing in producing calendaring and scheduling software for corporate and non-profit Web sites. The original company dot bombed in 2000, on the heels of a cryptic, $5 million Super Bowl ad that depicted a small black dot becoming a big black dot over the course of one minute, followed by a flash of the corporation's logo.

Its remnants were purchased by the Covert Intelligence Group through a front company. The corporation still has a small, but respectable staff of 100 employees as well as a handful of clients. It's Super Bowl days are far behind it; today it is known for producing effective, if somewhat uninspired, calendaring solutions.

The corporation's headquarter's is located on the seventh floor of the Barlow Building in Philadephia, a 50-story skyscraper with a subterrean parking garage. Unknown to the occupants, the building also has several hidden sublevels which house CIG's formal headquarters. TechCal maintains small field offices in Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and Las Vegas which are primarily tasked with sales and customer support. Each is also staffed with one to three support staff responsible for supporting field agents.