"I trust in individuals, not organizations." -- Sheridan, "A Spider in the Web", Babylon 5


Alan Joseph Beaumont / "Loop"

Beaumont is genuine in his Christian religious beliefs. He sincerely views his work for both corporations and government as service to his community, and a way to live his values. He has the ability to see the potential in people and situations, and can actualize -- or exploit -- that potential. He is a Gingrich Republican, believing in smaller government, lower taxes, balanced budgets, and free trade. While he is socially conservative and believes in traditional family values, he questions how large a role government should take in legislating social issues. Read more.

Jerry Benelli / "Apex"

Jerry is a rigid individualist. Ever since he was a child, he has been a free spirit. Flitting from one new passion to the next, Jerry was always on the lookout for the next exciting new experience. Fortunately, being the only son of a filthy rich (if stodgy and removed) widower businessman, Jerry always had the funds at his disposal to pursue these interests with fervor. Read more.

Keith Dillon / "Birdie"

Keith was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His father died a few years after the birth of his younger brother, and with his mother working two jobs to support the family, it often fell to Keith to look after Steven. Growing up, Keith developed an affinity for all manner of electronic devices. In high school, he developed a close friendship with Shawn Gunther, an A/V geek. Keith's plan was to go on into engineering after high school, but this plan was set aside in his senior year. In January 2004, Shawn, along with six other students, was killed when a car exploded in the school's parking lot. One week later, a teacher, secretly a white supremecist, claimed responsibility for the bombing - apparently, he had planned to kill the student body president, who was black. The teacher commited suicide soon after. Read more.

Michael Everleth / "Padre"

Michael Everleth had a promising life ahead of him as a young man, and he never questioned his place in the world. He was a BMOC in college, captain of the lacrosse team and well-liked by all he came into contact with.

After graduation, he decided to pursue studies in the seminary, his faith being the one thing that he felt most assured of in life. Life was good, and his christian teachings made him feel a need to give back to others. When he finished his studies, before accepting any sort of church placement, and before actual ordination, his attention was drawn to the turmoil throughout the world. So, he joined the army, thinking he would do his part to service god and country. His intelligence and charisma made him a foavorite in his outfits, and, due to his background, it was there that he first earned the moniker he uses as a codename today. Read more.

Michael Gabriel Léone / "Ranger"

Born July 26, 1989, in New York to a good well to-do Italian family where the concept of family, loyalty, and protecting your own is still a concept that is instilled with the family members. Although no longer in the "business", other member of the extend family were and still are, so he grew knowing about that side. His childhood was a happy one, fun and full of laughter, but as for many, one day stands out as a defining a change in him, Sept 11, 2001.

As Dec 7, was to his grandfather and older family member, Sept 11., was to him, an attack on his country, his friends and his family. Having some extended family members in the attacks, the one that shaped him was the loss of his older brother. With that a sense of patriotic duty was born, a desire never to see this happen again, although only 12 at the time, he decided that day to do what he could, setting his sights on joining the military once he was able. Read more.