Agent Michael Gabriel Léone / "Ranger"


Born July 26, 1989, in New York to a good well to-do Italian family where the concept of family, loyalty, and protecting your own is still a concept that is instilled with the family members. Although no longer in the "business", other member of the extend family were and still are, so he grew knowing about that side. His childhood was a happy one, fun and full of laughter, but as for many, one day stands out as a defining a change in him, Sept 11, 2001. As Dec 7, was to his grandfather and older family member, Sept 11., was to him, an attack on his country, his friends and his family. Having some extended family members in the attacks, the one that shaped him was the loss of his older brother. With that a sense of patriotic duty was born, a desire never to see this happen again, although only 12 at the time, he decided that day to do what he could, setting his sights on joining the military once he was able.

To that end, he began to doing to better himself physically, mentally and emotionally. He started to play sports to be more physically fit, football, cross-country and swimming where just some of them, and with that to be on the school teams he kept his grades up, getting straights A's. During the summer, he'd hang out with certain uncles that like to go shooting, giving him a chance to learn about guns, their care and handling, and how to use them effectively. Since most of his uncles were "wiseguys" he learned some of the family tricks for negotiating and information gathering.

As graduation grew near, he focused himself on making sure he was physically and mentally read to join the military. Excelling in school, he was lucky enough to be able to take some college courses. Also, he had taken sometime and figured out what he wanted to do in the army, his goal was Army Rangers. But knowing that getting in wouldn't be an automatic thing, he made sure to be set for a second option, he would enlist under one of the intelligence MOS's of the US Army.

Shortly after graduating HS, near the top of his class, he joined the army. He was able to get into the army's counterintelligence MOS (97B) with that is was able to secure a chance at Rangers within the 1 year of enlistment. He got his chance and made it into the Rangers, exactly 1 year after enlisting. He spent the next 3 years of his tour, as a member of 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment, training and executing missions around the globe.


Although, many of their missions were successful, he was frustrated with what he saw as a lack of commitment. Oh not from the Army, but from the "policy makers" who seemed only willing to do just enough. His drive, work ethic and determination to get the job done was admired by those around him and other organizations that the Rangers had worked with. Yet, that drive sometimes got him in trouble, being a bit to zealous at times and the occasional over use of force. Though nothing official was ever noted in his record, he decided that once his 4 years were up, he'd get out and look somewhere else for a group who would take the fight to the level he thought it should go. It was at this point he was approached to join the CIG, some of whom had seen him in the field and heard about a few of his incidents.