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I can tell because there's 'C4' written all over it." -- Vaughn, Alias

Spycraft Links


A game of modern espionage created using the d20 rules. Published by Alderac, the game successfully captures the adventure and daring of everything from James Bond to Mission: Impossible to Sneakers. The Web site contains a quick-play version of the Spycraft rules, news about upcoming releases, and a smattering of downloads.

Modus Operandi

A site dedicated to espionage role-playing games in all their myriad forms. Includes generic articles about espionage RPGs as well specific settings like James Bond 007, Top Secret, and Spycraft, links to numerous genre web sites, scenarios, downloads and more.

Spycraft d20 Yahoo Group

The unofficial Yahoo Group for the Spycraft d20 espionage role-playing game.

Spycraft: Fan Resources

Find a mastermind-building spreadsheet, interactive character sheets, new prestige classes, fan fiction and more. Spycraft v1 and v2 supported.


The Web site for Veronica V. Jones, the artist behind most of the cover art for Alderac (now Crafty Game's) original Spycraft source books. Be sure to check out the "Goodies" section which has a bunch of desktop wallpapers based on her work.