Agent Keith Dillon / "Birdie"


Keith was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His father died a few years after the birth of his younger brother, and with his mother working two jobs to support the family, it often fell to Keith to look after Steven. Growing up, Keith developed an affinity for all manner of electronic devices. In high school, he developed a close friendship with Shawn Gunther, an A/V geek. Keith's plan was to go on into engineering after high school, but this plan was set aside in his senior year.

In January 2004, Shawn, along with six other students, was killed when a car exploded in the school's parking lot. One week later, a teacher, secretly a white supremecist, claimed responsibility for the bombing - apparently, he had planned to kill the student body president, who was black. The teacher commited suicide soon after.

After this incident, Keith devoted himself to entering the FBI and combatting cults and hate groups. Keith was never an undercover agent - his jobs more entailed surveillance. He spent half of his time in the back of vans, the other half hanging upside-down outside of windows to relay information to the back of vans. He participated in a handful of raids, the most traumatic of which occured last year.

A small group, referring to itself as the Sons of the Phoenix, took the city hall of Greenhill, Iowa hostage on a take-your-child-to-work day. When negotiations broke down after fifty-three hours, the cult set fire to the building. Several officers, including Keith, rushed in to save whomever they could. A heated iron ceremonial object of the cult's fell on Keith, burning part of his torso and leaving the bird-shaped scar on his arm. He found one child inside, who was dead of smoke inhalation before he could get outside. Keith became obsessed with the Sons after this.

The official report stated that all members of the cult had comitted suicide, but four bodies were never recovered. After five weeks of fruitless, manic searching, Keith was put on leave. During this time, Keith finally had the chance to let his inner and outer wounds heal, and to recover a sense of himself. He was helped in this by meeting Katherine Lamelle, a young police officer he is currently in a relationship with. By the time he returned to the field, he was much better - and an offer from CIG was waiting for him.