Agent Jerry Benelli / "Apex"


"Officer, it's not my fault that the typical driver can only safely handle this off-ramp at 35 MPH. Come on, cut me a break - I was even nursing it since the tires were cold."

"276? Hmmm. LetŐs just pretend thatŐs the speed limit, and not the route number!"

"'Pass on the Left Only'? Screw that, I'll pass where there's room. Hmm, how about the shoulder...Ó [downshifts]


Jerry is a rigid individualist. Ever since he was a child, he has been a free spirit. Flitting from one new passion to the next, Jerry was always on the lookout for the next exciting new experience. Fortunately, being the only son of a filthy rich (if stodgy and removed) widower businessman, Jerry always had the funds at his disposal to pursue these interests with fervor.

During his teen years, he jumped from one extreme sport to the next, unconsciously filling the void in his life left by a distracted and somewhat bitter and jaded father. That is, until his 16th birthday, whereupon he was introduced him to the wonders of the high-performance automobile.

JerryŐs passion for driving and his increasingly visceral need for the next faster ride became an obsession. Coupled with the normal teenage recklessness and rebellion, he began to fall in with the wrong crowd. In what he has come to recognize in retrospect as an subconscious plea for attention from his father, he began to get his thrill out of not only driving fast rides, but also stealing them.

Seven days after his 18th birthday, Jerry was finally caught. (When recounting the story, he always fondly reminds his audience that he made it 5 miles past the police roadblock after blowing all four tires on a nail strip.) His father, abashed and indignant, refused to supply him with any but the barest legal counsel.

Given the United StatesŐ difficulty in staffing its volunteer army, and the ever-present unrest in the Middle East, the judge gave Jerry the option of either serving his country or serving hard time. Jerry spent the following four years somewhere in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf doing things that he Ňis not allowed to talk aboutÓ.

Upon returning Stateside, Jerry began to repair his relationship with this father, his trial by fire showing his father the serious young man heŐd become. After kicking around for a few weeks, Jerry approached his father with the idea of pursuing a career in auto racing. With the pulling of a few stings and a not-so-subtle cash donation to an up-and-coming racing team, JerryŐs career in began.

Recruited at the end of his stellar rookie Toyota Atlantic season by CIG, he's reveling in the opportunity to carry a Licence to Drive (think Bond with a Ferrari). Constantly annoyed by the government's penchant to limit highway behavior to the abilities of the AVERAGE driver, he's thrilled with his newfound official, if covert, freedom.