Agent Michael Everleth / "Padre"


Michael Everleth had a promising life ahead of him as a young man, and he never questioned his place in the world. He was a BMOC in college, captain of the lacrosse team and well-liked by all he came into contact with.

After graduation, he decided to pursue studies in the seminary, his faith being the one thing that he felt most assured of in life. Life was good, and his christian teachings made him feel a need to give back to others. When he finished his studies, before accepting any sort of church placement, and before actual ordination, his attention was drawn to the turmoil throughout the world. So, he joined the army, thinking he would do his part to service god and country. His intelligence and charisma made him a foavorite in his outfits, and, due to his background, it was there that he first earned the moniker he uses as a codename today.

While fighting and killing as part of his assignments, he began to see that the military presence he was a part of was not always a good thing for the places he ended up. He began to question a world in which war was necessary, and even the leaders who would use such a tactic. His mood swung as he began to realize what he had done to those in the name of his country. Sensing an imminent problem, his higher-ups removed him from the front lines, and groomed him for assignments where his personality could be put to use. Convinced he could make a real difference there, Michael began working as an intelligence operative.

Eventually, that too paled for him, and he did not re-up when the time came. Once, out, he was quickly profiled and approached by the CIG, as his combination of experience and personality, and even his confusion over his confictions, were just what the organization could use in an operative. Now, he is ensconced as a one of the employed laity of a small church in Philadelphia, while he actually works there for the CIG. So far, he believes this is finally the way he can change the world. For how long, well, that remains to be seen...