"You never have to apologize for success" -- Alan "Loop" Beaumont

Agent Alan Joseph Beaumont / "Loop"


Beaumont is genuine in his Christian religious beliefs. He sincerely views his work for both corporations and government as service to his community, and a way to live his values. He has the ability to see the potential in people and situations, and can actualize -- or exploit -- that potential.

He is a Gingrich Republican, believing in smaller government, lower taxes, balanced budgets, and free trade. While he is socially conservative and believes in traditional family values, he questions how large a role government should take in legislating social issues.


Beaumont can be a control freak. In the corporate tradition, he will do nearly anything to insure that his idea, his team, his project, is the one that comes out on top. To quote him, "You never have to apologize for success". Make him look bad in front of his superiors, and he will get you back later. Cause him to fail, and he will find a way to hang you out to dry.

Beaumont gained the codename "Loop " after a business rival nicknamed him "the Wolf" for his aggressive tactics. "Loup " is French for wolf, and Beaumont is of French derivation. It's also an agency joke that the serious guy gets a funny codename.


Romance(2): Beaumont is happily married with one child. He is deeply in love with his wife.

Vow(3): Beaumont has sworn to balance his personal and professional lives. He will work hard to get in quality time with his wife and son, and to contact them regularly while away on business.

Notes on Abilities

Craft (Fashion): Beaumont is a clothes horse, and keeps up with all current fashion trends. He's able to coordinate outfits for any circumstance, and can design and sew clothes as well.

Profession (Corporate Executive): Beaumont began his career as an executive for a major energy conglomerate. Upon joining CIG, he publicly joined the staff of TechCal, and actually works there.

Profession (Corporate Executive): Beaumont tracks the movers and shakers in society, from celebrities to corporate bigwigs, old money to the nouveau rich. He knows who the players are, who's hot and who's not, and all the right names to drop.

Weapon of Choice: While Beaumont is well disposed toward the Glock 17, it screams "Fed", something hes inclined to avoid. The Sig Sauer P-220 and P-225, in 9mm P, are a little more stylish and international, more the type of weapon a paranoid corporate executive might purchase for personal defense.